Modern technology allows people to discover new things. Top universities, especially from first-world countries such as the US and UK, teach medicine students from all over the world. International students who excel in school become successful doctors and surgeons, and some would even go back to their home country to practice what they have learned. That is what countries part of medical tourism, like Thailand, are proud of. Let us now find out the cosmetic surgery Thailand prices and how they are different from that of Australia’s.


Cosmetic surgery Thailand prices: Top cosmetic procedures


Thailand is one of the countries where medical tourism is becoming a national attraction. Thailand cosmetic surgery clinics claim that their plastic surgeons and other medical professionals are mostly trained and studied in the western nations, making their skills and knowledge at par with doctors and medical practitioners from those countries.

These beauty establishments claim that cosmetic surgery procedures that are frequently performed in Thailand include the following:

  • Rhinoplasty or Nose reshaping
  • Breast augmentation
  • Rhytidectomy or Facelift
  • Liposuction
  • Abdominoplasty or Tummy tuck

These procedures have been patronised not only by Thai nationals but also by patients from different countries like the US, UK, and even Australia. Thai plastic surgeons even claim that they ensure your safety on top of having your cosmetic surgery at a lower price.


Cosmetic surgery Thailand prices: The price comparison

Below is an estimated top cosmetic surgery Thailand prices as compared to their estimated cost in Australia.


Cosmetic surgery procedure

Thailand price (in AUD)

Australia price


$6000 – $9000

$7000 – $12000

Breast augmentation

$3000 – $7000

$6000 – $12000

Rhytidectomy or Facelift

$3000 – $8600

$9000 – $18000


Starts at $3600

$6000 – $10000

Abdominoplasty or Tummy tuck

$5000 – $9000

$7000 – $12000



This comparative price range aims to show how different it is to get your cosmetic surgery procedure done in Thailand than in Australia. However, this is only a rough price estimate of each plastic surgery procedure performed in both countries. Different plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgery clinics will have different prices for each, so direct consultation with your surgeon of choice will give you a more reliable price quotation.




Cosmetic surgery Thailand prices: Is it worth it?

Yes, as you have seen in the tabulated information above, cosmetic surgery Thailand prices are indeed lower and more affordable than in Australia. That is why more and more Australians are leaning towards medical tourism, and are flying to this small country in Asia to have their beauty enhancements done. But should we recommend it? Here are some questions you may want to answer before getting a ticket to Thailand.

  • What are the procedure inclusions of your surgery treatment package?
  • Is your doctor board certified? What are his accreditations and are they valid?
  • How long has your plastic surgeon been performing your surgery of choice?
  • Are you comfortable enough to put your life in the hands of this foreign surgeon?
  • Have you seen his work portfolio? Were you satisfied with what you have seen?
  • Have you seen the facility where your surgery will take place? Do you feel comfortable that your operation will run smoothly inside the facility?
  • Does Thailand have the same safety policy as in Australia?
  • Do they have the medical equipment needed should there be a need for emergency care during your surgery?
  • Is there a surgery travel warranty stipulated in your agreement that would handle any revision surgery should there be a need for it?



Aiming to look and feel your best but staying in the budget is understandable. Being accountable for your safety and finances at the same time is a responsible thing to do. But setting aside your personal safety and comfort by availing of less expensive but substandard cosmetic surgery procedures should never be the case. It is not a crime to be a bit more critical about cheap cosmetic surgery procedures if your life depends on it.

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